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2015 Theme: Innovate and Grow!

Innovate & GrowIn 2014, we were fortunate with opportunities such as the Sirroli Foundation and Social Media training. These opportunities inspired our members to think outside the box. As a Chamber, we've identified the need for diversification of our industries and strongly believe that through innovation we can collectively grow our businesses. So, we came up with a "Theme" for 2015 being "Innovate and Grow" to further develop this discussion.

Recently, we have heard great news of several innovative strategies of local businesses.

For example:

- Coffee Roaster in Muswellbrook

Caresso Coffee Roasters on Common Road in the Muswellbrook Industrial Estate launched their first brew in January this year, and wow! Isn't it wonderful? (We're hoping to get some served to you soon at one of our breakfasts!).

- Camel Milk anyone?

Hunter region's first Camel Farm on Denman Road brought to our region by Michelle Phillips. A wonderful innovative strategy to diversify - and we hear that camel milk cheese is delicious!

Hunter region

Whilst from our region there's been some really amazing - ground breaking innovations. Announced on Saturday 21st February in the Newcastle Herald the new Flow BeeHive - no more smoking out those bees - just put a jar under a tap and the golden liquid is there to enjoy! It potentially represents time savings of 80%!!! All from thinking - there must be a better way! 

We would love to hear your comments about our theme and how you think we can continue to encourage innovation as a means of growth in our Business Community!

2016 BUSINESS AWARDS Entries Close: 24th March 2017

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