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NBN over 5 years away

NBN studies

The Chamber Board has been advised that Muswellbrook does not appear on the 5 year NBN plan. This means that the NBN won't be arriving in Muswellbrook within the next 5 years (unless it is a new housing estate) and that no more ADSL2 connections will be made available to local business.

Conversely, we've been told that our neighbouring towns are on the 5 year plan. This means a lower competitive advantage for our members compared to similar businesses in different townships.

We believe that this is not good enough.

As one of our members said "How do we compete with competitors up the road who have access to NBN and we don't?" 

The Board would like to thank participants from our Internet Connectivity Survey sent last year. The results from this survey has been an important resource to enable us to lobby to get fast internet connection to our Members.

72% of respondents believe that internet connectivity is critical to the day to day functioning of their business.

We are organising a meeting with NBN representatives to lobby for our town to have access to this imperative resource so that we can remain competitive in this digital world. We will keep you informed of our progress and we need your continued support!

2016 BUSINESS AWARDS Entries Close: 24th March 2017

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