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Are penalty rates crippling your Retail or Hospitality business?

 Open but short staffed  Penalty Rates too highAs you might already know, the Easter long weekend is a particularly difficult time for many small business members in the hospitality and retail sectors. Over this period you may battle with excessive penalty rates if you want to keep your doors open.

High penalty rates close doors and reduce job opportunities 

From NSW Business Chamber's research on this matter, it seems that there are basically five scenarios:

1. Those that can only afford to stay open because they use family as staff

2. Those that close their doors because they lose money if they hire staff and open

3. Those who enjoy margins big enough to be able to afford to pay their employees the excessive penalty rates

4. Those required by law to be open even if they run at a loss (newsagents, shops in shopping centres); or

5. Those who pay cash to their staff and avoid penalty rates / on-costs / tax etc.

This Easter, NSW Business Chambers are rallying together on behalf of businesses representing the majority of the scenarios categories 1 and 2.

Its time to stand up for small business

The 2014 Federal Court decision to reduce the Sunday penalty from a 75% loading to a 50% loading for three grades of casual workers in the Restaurant Award was a step in the right direction. But much more needs to be done.
For most of the coming year, the Fair Work Commission will be conducting hearings to determine if the current award penalty rates need to be reduced. With a timid Federal Government and a hostile union movement, our best chance to get positive change for our members (and for the unemployed who are missing out on work) is to change public opinion on the matter by getting the facts out this Easter.

Get the word out, without spending a cent before Thursday 2 April

The Chamber movement has designed an inexpensive grassroots campaign, centred on two A3 posters for small businesses to display in their store or office windows over the Easter long weekend. The idea is to empower impacted businesses to tell their communities about the damage of penalty rates.

The posters

As you can see above, the first poster is for businesses keeping their doors open; and the second is for businesses that are closed over the public holidays, due to excessive penalty rates. 

Download your posters now and put them up on your doors in time for Easter.

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