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Shop Local Campaign

The idea of ‘Buying Locally’ is not new. We have talked about it over many years and most small towns have had a campaign to increase local trade at some time or another. In Muswellbrook, we have been talking about it for a long time and in recent times it has become more of a focus for the Chamber.

Over the last couple of years we have had close contact with some of the larger organisations in our Shire and been active in helping to formulate and promote local buying programs. The BHP C-Res program is a good example of this and, although relatively new, it is providing opportunities to local businesses which did not exist previously. There are other examples as well with most mining companies and the Council having local procurement high on their priority list. There are also many small to medium businesses who consistently look for opportunities to buy locally. This is all good but we believe there is room for improvement and that is why we are launching our –


Our Campaign will be launched at our October Breakfast on Tuesday 11th and will be a theme through to Christmas and hopefully beyond. Every transaction needs a buyer need a seller. That is why we have included SELL in the campaign brand.

The key elements of the campaign will be for the Chamber to –

1. Continue co-operation with large businesses and authorities to ensure that tendering and quoting opportunities are given to local suppliers & contractors.

2. Erect Street Banners in co-operation with Muswellbrook Shire Council to promote local trading across all business sectors. The banners reflect this with the messages –


We thank the Council for assisting us with this and sharing the cost.

3. Encourage all businesses, particularly in the retail sector, to develop and promote customer rewards programs.

4. Allocate time at Chamber breakfasts to highlight local buying and selling successes.

5. Provide training seminars and workshops on TENDER WRITING / SELLING & MARKETING TECHNIQUES & CUSTOMER SERVICE. The Chamber will explore any other suggestions that Members have.

6. Encourage discussion between businesses to share ideas which have worked in increasing local trade.

7. Promote the campaign in the local media.

I hope that all members will embrace this campaign and work with the Chamber to get maximum results now and well into the future. You suggestions are welcome and your support appreciated.


Mike Kelly

2016 BUSINESS AWARDS Entries Close: 24th March 2017

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