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Driving Mentors Needed

The Muswellbrook PCYC Licence to Drive program aims to help young motorists get enough time behind the wheel to enable them to obtain their provisional licence.It is now quite a problem for learner drivers to get 120 hours behind the wheel in order to obtain their licence.

Mentors in this program assist by accompanying young drivers to complete their log books. Mentors are given some basic training and the young drivers must meet set criteria to be involved.

If you have some spare time and would like to assist this community program, please contact the PCYC on 6541 1434.

Liability & Facebook

Social Media

Did you know you can be liable for misleading or false comments posted by fans/followers/customers on your business's Facebook page?

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube give all businesses a new, direct way to interact with customers, to attract new customers, and to promote their products and services. However, businesses using social media channels have a responsibility to ensure content in these channels is accurate, irrespective of who put it there.

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Social Media Warning from ACCC

social media

For business users of social media, protecting against hackers and spammers is crucial. Organisations risk losing followers and fans if problems are not resolved quickly, and more importantly a company’s reputation can be seriously compromised by attacks.

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